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John & Gretchen - Interview Clients


Questions and answers and stories

 •  Audio + Video / Audio only  •

•  In Person / Virtual / Hybrid  •

Rocking chair - subject of Story Capture


Capturing the stories behind pictures

 •  Audio + Video / Audio only  •

•  In Person / Virtual / Hybrid  •

Looking into the Anaconda–Pintler Wilderness in southwestern Montana


Recording to, from, and around locations

•  Audio + Video in vehicle  •  

•  Audio only in vehicle  •

•  Video on vehicle  •



content, type, and location of the recording



Interviewees respond to Client-submitted and/or Posterecord-suggested questions. May also include PROMPTS & INCLUSIONS (below).  NOTE: Interviewees will be the only voices heard.  Questions may be printed as titles, but Posterecorders will not be seen/heard. 


> See EDIT 1.2 versions of Interviews under CONDENSED EDITS here in Samples.


Story Captures

Interviewees provide the stories behind pictures of people, places, and things.  PROMPTS & INCLUSIONS (below) must be included.


> See various STORY CAPTURE samples under PLAYLISTS here in Samples.



Posterecord on the road, whether it be traveling around town or to another town entirely.  Capture as much or as little as you want – the travel to/around and/or the destination itself.  Audio and/or video recording available (mounted) on and/or in the vehicle, on the move, and/or when we stop moving for a spell.


Audio & Video

  • 1 Camera
  • 3 Cameras
  • High quality microphones and field recorders

> See 1 and 3 camera, In Person and Virtual, Audio & Video EDIT 1.2 versions under CONDENSED EDITS in Samples.


Audio only

  • High quality microphones and field recorders (often coupled with CONTENT / Story Capture)

> See In Person and Virtual, Audio only EDIT 1.1 versions under PLAYLISTS / STORY CAPTURE... in Samples.


In Person

Recording of desired CONTENT and TYPE (above) at site of your choice/our suggestion. Best choice for audio and video quality, especially for 1-2 interviewees.


> See In Person (EDIT 1.2) versions of Interviews under CONDENSED EDITS / JOHN & GRETCHEN and BRIAN & ISABELLE or original, extended (EDIT 1.1) versions under same names in PLAYLISTS here in Samples.




Recording of desired CONTENT and TYPE (above) administered off-site by Posterecord. Best for larger groups, and/or to include friends and family from out of town.


> See Virtual (EDIT 1.2) versions of Interviews under CONDENSED EDITS / ANN & GRETCHEN or original, extended (EDIT 1.1) versions under same name in PLAYLISTS here in Samples.




In Person/Virtual version of of desired CONTENT and TYPE (above). Audio and video recording of both on site and virtual interviews. The best of both worlds?


pictures to talk about and include in output video


Client-provided digital images will be used to prompt storytelling, and included in the OUTPUT (below) in addition to audio/video options selected in RECORDING (above).


Our team captures images of prints (framed, in albums, etc.) and/or objects (furniture, art, mementos, etc.) that will be used to prompt storytelling and included in the OUTPUT (below) in addition to audio/video options selected in RECORDING (above).


High quality handscanning of negatives and/or prints in frames, albums, etc.  Specifications as such:

  • 48-bit color (or b&w)
  • 8.5 x 11.7" max print size
  • 35 mm slides / negative film strips
  • Medium format negatives less than 6 x 20 cm
  • 4 x 5" negatives

Scans will be used as PROMPTS and/or OUTPUTS (below) and will be made available to the Client.  Please inquire about discounted bulk scanning as a project additional to this one.

For bulk scanning, archiving, and image metadata manipulation (and image restoration, etc.) at greatly discounted prices, please visit our partner, David Overturf Photography, here.


what to do with all this

EDIT 1.1  (1 pass)

This simple edit (including titling) of all useable audio, video, and PROMPTS (above, if used)  is included.


> See various EDIT 1.1 samples  – both Interview and Story Capture – under PLAYLISTS here in Samples.)


EDIT 1.2

A condensed edit (shorter, more shareable) version of EDIT 1.1.


> See various EDIT 1.2 samples under CONDENSED EDITS here in Samples.)

EDIT 2.1 (2 passes)

Review of EDIT 1.1 for opportunities to supplement its output (mentions of people, places, and things); communication/collaboration with Client of same; retrieval and receipt of additional related content; and editing and generation of more robust version of EDIT 1.1.


> See the beginnings of an EDIT 2.1 in CONDENSED EDITS / ANN & GRETCHEN here in Samples.

EDIT 2.2

A condensed edit (shorter, more shareable) version of EDIT 2.1.



Audio/dialogue is analyzed and processed, generating captions that appear near the bottom of output video.




Audio/dialogue is analyzed and processed, generating a written transcript of recording.

See output Samples here

For more specifics and/or to receive a quote, please visit the Quote/Inquiry page here

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