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I suppose this began in September 2015, when my brother, sister, and I toured Bozeman, Montana with our 74-year old father.  His was the second generation there, and the third in Montana.  I put a good mic on him, my brother and I each had a camera, and we spent a few hours driving around slowly, stopping, walking around, variously pointing, sharing, listening, and documenting.  We saved those stories on that day.  It was good for him and good for us.  And now we have recordings that can be passed down to future generations.

At the end of May 2016, my mother and her two siblings, my two siblings, a cousin, and his son traveled to Glasgow, Montana, where my mother grew up, the second generation in the family there.  I alternated a GoPro on and inside the vehicle and provided for better audio, video, and still photos both in and outside the vehicles, alternating cameras with my brother.  We visited the old family house; the nursing home; the Veteran’s Memorial; and the old family cabin, the museum, and the lodge at Fort Peck Lake.

In June 2018, I returned from a 16-month, 25,000-mile roadtrip from Billings, Montana to Ushuaia, Argentina.  I wanted to tell some stories prompted by pictures I’d taken and wondered if others might want to do the same with their pictures, too.  I began developing a multi-user website, which has become Project 1:1000 – “a movement, a community, a resource, and an outreach program centered around the notion that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.”  In July 2022, Roadtrip: Project 1:1000, Volume I was published, at once telling some of my tales from the road and introducing the world to the format (1 picture: 1000 words) and the website and its offerings.

On April 18, 2022, I had a brainstorm…

I want to know the stories of things around my mother’s house. Pictures, furniture, utensils, artwork, etc. and audio/video recordings of objects and items or audio recordings matched with still images/videos.

After years of gathering dust in the basement, before being transported for new life in Great Falls, Montana, my mother’s mother’s spinning wheel became the first subject of what would come to be known as Story Captures.

In the following months, I added some interior, exterior, and virtual Interviews(See all Samples here.)

Shortly thereafter, Posterecord was born.


David Overturf


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